5 Products Every Working Pregnant Mom Needs

Working during pregnancy is not always easy. Pregnancy often involves considerable discomfort. This is especially true for working pregnant women who must confront daily challenges as their shape expands and changes during the nine months of pregnancy. Fortunately, there are widely available products on the market that can help ease many of the most severe physical symptoms.


Hemorrhoid Cushion

Hemorrhoids are often a fact of life for many pregnant woman. This problem can make sitting for prolonged periods extremely uncomfortable. A cushion can help lessen the pain. Look for cushions that are specially designed to meet the needs pregnancy. Many can be deflated easily and carried from place to place. A cushion can be covered with existing fabric to blend in seamlessly with any office chair that you already have on hand. If you commute to work via public transportation, they are small enough to fit in your purse and then place on subway seat.

Maternity Bras

As a woman’s pregnancy progresses, her breast often expand and start to fill with milk. Proper support is essential to help prevent sagging of the breasts and back problems. Properly designed maternity bras can provide such support and prevent an aching back. Many are designed to serve double duty as nursing bras once the baby is born. Look for soft fabric that can be easily washed. If you breasts have already started to leak milk, most stores stock washable cotton bra pads that can be inserted into the maternity bras to avoid any unexpected staining.

Maternity Compression Leggings

Pregnancy can cause a woman’s legs and ankles to swell painfully, especially if she does a lot of walking. Maternity compression leggings help prevent swelling and discomfort in your legs during the workday. Look for comfort leggings that can be worn throughout the day. Many styles are available. Some can even match the color and texture of your party clothes or blend in obtrusively against your skin.

Maternity Shoes

As pregnancy progresses, fitting into standard shoes can become difficult if not impossible. High heels are unthinkable. A good pair of maternity shoes are a must for the busy working woman. Look for styles that have room for your feet to expand as your pregnancy progresses. A good pair should also provide heavy support during the day as you walk around. Try them on and walk around a few feet to make sure the shoe fabric isn’t chafing against your tender skin.

Sea Bands

Most pregnant women will experience nausea at some point during their pregnancy. Morning sickness can show up suddenly during the first trimester. It can also be a constant problem during the entire pregnancy. Medications exist that can reduce really serious nausea. For more minor cases, natural remedies exist to help. Throwing up in the middle of a meeting is the last thing a pregnant woman needs. Sea bands are small, unobtrusive fabric that fit over the wrist and press against a point on the wrist that can help reduce the urge to throw up.

Use this products to help make your pregnancy far less stressful. You can look and feel attractive at work even as you create a new life. The right products can not only help ease any problems you may have, they can also help prevent further problems from developing.