9 Beautiful U.S. States Photographers Should Have On Their Bucket List

The United States is one of the most diverse countries on the planet. The wide range of landscape, cities, people and scenery make for a photographer’s dream. With more than fifty states from which to choose, it can be tough to decide where to go to get the best photographs. Here is a guide to nine states that every photographer should have on their bucket lists.

1. Hawaii

It should come as no shock that Hawaii is on this list. Arguably the most distinctive of all the states in the nation, it is a place where photographers will find postcard-worthy shots everywhere they turn. Ocean views, beautiful jungles, mountains, lava flows, volcanoes and much more make this a must-visit place for every photographer.


2. Alaska

This is the largest state in the nation, and it is also one of the most beautiful. The scenery and the animal life are both equally splendid. Photographers should be sure to go during the summer to make the cold temperatures bearable.

3. Oklahoma

This beautiful state is one of the most under-appreciated destinations for photographers. It is full of gorgeous lakes, mountains, rivers and native american culture that provide some epic opportunities that will create amazing photos.

4. Florida

Known as the “Sunshine State,” Florida more than lives up to its nickname. Photographers who visit Florida will find lots of beautiful beaches to photograph as well as some amazing photo opportunities in the Everglades.

5. Oregon

This is a state full of contrasts. There is the beautiful coastal area that is full of great spots to take photos. There are lots of great photo opportunities in Portland as well with the abundance of interesting people. Photographers will find a completely different environment in the sparsely populated and ruggedly beautiful western half of the state.

6. North Carolina

This is a state that has it all. The Outer Banks are islands off the coast that are stunningly beautiful. There are mountains in the western half of the state that are burst with color during fall. There are also lots of cities to take interesting shots of urban life.

7. New York

New York City may have more excellent photo spots than any other place in the world. There are also plenty of stunning shots available for photographers who explore the rural areas in upstate New York.

8. Colorado

There is only one thing you need to say about Colorado. It is home to the Rocky Mountains. Photographers could spend a lifetime just traveling through the Colorado Rockies taking pictures.


9. Arizona

The rugged beauty of Arizona’s desert landscapes offer some of the most picturesque landscape shots in the world. The Grand Canyon is one of the most sought after photo destinations for every photographer. There are also plenty of lakes, mountains and rivers to shoot for visitors.

Get Going!

If you want to start crossing off some of these beautiful states off of your bucket list, then get going. There are only so many years every person is allotted in life. There is no time like the present to start planning a trip to one of these incredibly beautiful destinations. Every one of them is worth a visit. If you can visit all of them in one lifetime, then you could consider that a life well spent.