Seven Cool Robot Technologies You Never Knew About

Robots can help people in many different capacities. From rehabilitation to sex, there is nothing a robot cannot do. Soon, people will have a life of leisure with robots performing the most mundane tasks. Here are eight cool robot technologies that you may not have known about.

1. Robo Therapy for Stroke Patients

Robo rehab can help stroke survivors improve motor skills. This robot helps survivors improve their arm and shoulder functionality by moving arms into many different pre-programmed directions. Because of the preciseness of the robot, 32 out of 40 patients improved faster than those who engaged in a self-training program. Studies prove that this type of therapy is effective and can be used more frequently in the future for patients.

2. Simon, The Robot, Can Learn

While Simon cannot be programmed to bring breakfast, the socially intelligent machine does have the ability to learn. Simon is currently being developed in Georgia Tech’s Socially Intelligent Machines Lab. The machines are designed to co-exist with people and to perform daily tasks. They can also learn about their environment while handling new challenges in social situations.

3. Be Married By a Robot Priest

The I-Fairy robot made by Kokoro Company is one of the first with the ability to lead a wedding ceremony. A robot with this capacity sells for $75,180. The voice and speech of the robot can be controlled from a computer. Robot priest is also capable of making human gestures and dancing. One couple in Japan was already wed by this high-tech robot priest.

4. Robots Issue Unbiased Detention Slips

If you are worried about a teacher giving special treatment to certain kids, robots will solve this problem. All the apples in the world will not bribe this robot teacher, Saya, from giving you detention. Researchers in Japan feel this is the solution for disciplinary action. She was tested in a fifth and sixth grade classroom in Tokyo last year where she exhibited emotions such as disgust, anger, fear, surprise, sadness, and happiness. The rubber skin around mouth and eyes make these emotions possible.

5. Eliminate Cleaning Chores with a Computerized Robot

Roomba is a cleaning robot that has made the task of cleaning the home easier. Unfortunately, Roomba doesn’t dust or do windows, but it sure can clean the floors. As technology progresses, maybe robots will be able to do much more than just clean the floors.

6. High-Tech Sex Robots

Anyone who has ever been separated from their mate, who has no luck in finding a date, or who has been sexually assaulted or been accused of sexually assault can quickly recognize the benefits of a high-tech sex robot. While no touch can replace that of a human body, this robot can come close and can replace the need for people in the sex industry. The cost for making this robot is between $500,000 and $1 million. Though Roxxxy is expensive, she may be well worth the expense for people who want to tailor their experience to their personal preferences.

7. Robot Waiters Can Deliver Food

China is already using robot waiters to deliver food in China. This reduces costs because charming guests cannot convince the waiters to provide free drinks or merchandise. The robots circle the room with conveyor-belt type technology. These robots cost approximately $6,000 each and may act as entertainers, receptionists, servers, and greeters. The restaurant owner hopes to purchase enough robots to boost its waiter roster to 30.

These seven robot technologies are pushing the boundaries of technology and making the world more efficient. If your funds will allow it, you should try these robot technologies. They are the new wave of the future and will significantly improve all aspects of your life. Find out more about what these robot technologies can offer.