Six Ways To Stay Fit At Your Desk Job

exerciseworkMany people feel lazy and sluggish after clocking numerous hours at their desk job. Working from morning to night in a desk chair doesn’t always encourage you to create the healthiest habits. However, knowing how to combat a sedentary lifestyle that can be stressful on your body is vital to feeling your best.

1. Walk around

It’s easy to get stuck at your desk when you take a look at your long to-do list. After all, there are reports to complete, emails to write and phone calls to make. Who has the time to take a walk around outside?

Even in the midst of your busy day, consider moving away from your desk. Take your lunch outside your cubicle. Breathe in the fresh air, move your legs and clear your mind before coming back to your desk.

2. Munch on healthy snacks

There are times when you’ll feel the need to eat everything in your desk drawer. Many people wait until they’re too hungry to get out of the office and devour an energizing meal. Instead of fulfilling their need for a healthy dinner, they stay late at work and run to the snack machine to fill their craving.

Unfortunately, this rarely gives you the satisfaction you really need. Bring healthy snacks along with you to work so you can have foods nearby that give you the nutrients you need to finish your tasks.

3. Go to the gym

It’s tough to stay fit when you’re logging in long office hours during the week. Many people feel they just don’t have the time to workout on top of their work duties and personal commitments.

Join a gym that’s close to your office. If you walk or drive by one on the way home, that’s even better! Keep your workout gear at the office so it will be simple to go right after the day is over. On days that you feel especially motivated, you can go exercise before your workday begins.

4. Take the stairs

When you need to go to a different department to ask a question about a project, forget the elevator and take the stairs. It might be frustrating at first, but the less you use the elevator the more you’ll remember how good it feels to bend your legs and get your heart pumping!

5. Stretch

When you’re feeling especially sluggish, get up and stretch your body. Take a few minutes to get out of your chair and stand up straight. Raise your arms above your head and move them slowly toward your feet. Breath in and breath out as you feel your body release your tension. Slowly, raise your arms above your head and return to the original position. Do this a few more times until you feel refreshed.

6. Stand up

Every so often, get up from your desk chair and stand for a few minutes. Instead of sending an email to a co-worker, walk to their desk and discuss the issue. Try reading a document while you’re standing instead of sitting at your desk. Print out a long email that seems complex and go the break room to read what it means you’ll need to prepare for next week’s meeting.

Succeeding in your work and your health isn’t always easy. It may be a challenge at first, but treating your body well can have positive effects on your professional and personal life.