The 10 Coolest Gadgets That Don’t Exist Yet

Technology is continually changing the way that we go about our day-to-day lives. In most regards, tech gadgets have taken boring and mundane tasks, and give new life and excitement into things that we have to do. However, technology hasn’t quite reached its pinnacle yet. Instead, each day companies work hard to bring new gadgets to life that people can use and enjoy. Here are the 10 coolest gadgets that don’t exist yet, but are in the works and could be available before you know it.

While sneakers may not be as useful as technology, there is certainly a lot of people out there who love their shoes as much as they do their tech products. What could be even better? How about combining the two. Show companies are working hard to make custom shoes that integrate your technology into how they are used. Furthermore, if technology plays out as it is planned, you will also be able to change the look and color of your shoe on the fly, meaning you can match your shoes with whatever futuristic outfit you are wearing.

Honda is working hard with its cub motorcycle prototype to deliver a new vehicle that will change the way people hit the streets. This isn’t your typical hog or crotch rocket that cuts you off in traffic during rush hour. Instead, this Honda vehicle looks like something you might find in a cereal box.

If you don’t feel comfortable on a motorcycle, consider a self-driving car. These vehicles are currently being tested by certain manufacturing companies looking at the possibility of this market. Once safety measures are addressed, these could be on the market and change the way that you commute to work or go on family vacations.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t have a license, your ability to get around wont necessarily be diminished in the future. Instead of scooters and skateboards, the potential for a hoverboard is in the works. This technology may be a bit far off from motorcycles and self-driving cars, but ever since 80’s movies where kids were zooming around in high-tops and hoverboards, there has been a desire for this type of transportation device.

Imagine a world where you had ultimate strength and functionality, at the fingertips of a computer. A Swedish company is working on a prototype of a power suit that humans can wear on a daily basis. The full capabilities of the suit is yet to be known, but your imagination can run wild with the things you would try to do if you had a layer of comfortable technology around your body.

In the coming years, many companies are expected to release smart watches that sync with your phone. But some tech companies are looking even further into the future into stick-on watches that stick directly to the users body. This means you can put the watch where works on your body. This is extremely helpful for those who are just looking for a fashion statement, or those who are very active and don’t want a bulky watch in the way.

Tattoos have been popular for many generations within western society, and they have been traced back thousands of years earlier with other cultures. However now companies are now trying to take it a step further with interactive tattoos. These tattoos will work to sync with your mobile device or tablet, but who knows what other features may be available. Forget a stick-on watch, this is a completely new trend of body art.

With the speeding increase in technology around the world, countries have begun putting money into the possibility of sending people into space for recreational purposes. Forget your trip to a tropical island, imagine taking the Astrium Spaceplane into space where you will be one of only a handful of people around. If the Spaceplane comes into prominence, it will change the way people travel.

There is something elegant about giving someone a wrapped present on Christmas or their birthday. Unfortunately, wrapping presents is dull and boring. Companies are working hard to create a automatic wrapper that will save you time during the holidays, while also making you look like a pro wrapper. This invention would be the bow on top of all holiday technology, no pun intended.

You have probably heard of or seen robotic vacuums, but the technology certainly shouldn’t stop there. Instead, robotic maids may be something that are in the near future. This doesn’t mean you’ll have some futuristic Jetson’s looking robot rolling around your house. But it certainly isn’t out the question to imagine having devices that can clean multiple services without you even knowing they are there.

Humans already have some awesome tech gadgets at their disposal. However they are only going to get better in years to come. Keep an eye out for the 10 cool gadgets on this list, and potentially many more, in the future.