The Social Politics of Pregnancy


A newborn baby is probably one of the most treasured gifts that can be given to women and men. A baby can give many years of blessings to parents. Having said this, a pregnant mother faces a number of obstacles concerning maternity. Here are some obstacles that an expectant mother can face.

Dealing with Societal Norms

Society generally ignores a pregnant woman on the street. It can understand that she is in pain, but it still expects her to be normal, logical and functional as she always has until she gives birth. Sadly, many people are clueless as to what her needs are and what she is experiencing. One of the best ways she can deal with unreasonable norms is to be herself. If she has a bad day, so be it. As expectant mothers are real, society will begin to understand their needs. The Internet is a wonderful way to communicate how a pregnant woman is feeling. As her friends and neighbors begin to know what is truly going on, their attitudes change in a positive way. In addition to this, Hollywood has helped by producing movies that identify with women who are dealing with the stress and the reality of being pregnant.

Workplace Challenges

Some companies do not have a good policy in terms of looking after women who are pregnant. Unfortunately, a number of men really do not have any idea as to what a woman experiences when she is pregnant. A male coworker does not realize that his associate is working fulltime and creating a baby as well. A great way to deal with this is for a mother to give herself grace. She is doing twice as much work as everyone else. It is difficult, but she is doing the best she can. A meeting with a supervisor or a human relations representative may be a good way to proceed in relaying any concerns about a pregnant woman in the workplace. Education is another excellent way to begin alerting a staff about an individual who is pregnant. Some companies have yearly educational classes that inform everyone about pregnant mothers and mothers with newborn infants. These helpful classes keep everyone alert to possible situations and great solutions that make the workplace a better place to be.

Clothing Comforts

Finding comfortable clothes can be a trying experience for a pregnant mother. Clothes that fit her yesterday do not fit her today. She may believe and tell her husband that none of her clothes fit her at all. It can be easy for her to feel discouraged in this and many pregnant women do. However, maternity clothing has made great leaps and abounds within the past 10 years. Numerous retailers feature clothes just for expectant mothers. These clothes are designed to expand as she does, but they are also designed to be comfortable. There are maternity leggings, pants, dress shirts, nighties and much more. Maternity clothing is designed to give a great look to each individual and the confidence that she needs to face each day.

Being pregnant is a blessing that everyone should appreciate. Even though there are politics concerning pregnancy, society is slowly changing and becoming more accepting of pregnant women and their needs. As more women persevere, the more society will change expectations concerning pregnancy.