5 Creative Ways to Improve Your Spine and Posture


Back pain is one of the largest problems in the work environment today. It can be hard to sit at a desk all day without causing back pain, but when someone’s job is on the line, it is often shoved aside as a needed sacrifice. It may be hard to believe, but not all sacrifices have to be made. There are several ways to improve posture and obtain a straighter spine without seeking new employment.

Keep the Body Aligned: It is a pretty simple concept, keep the back straight and it will improve. The best way to obtain an aligned frame while in the work place is to practice sitting with a straight back while keeping the shoulders rolled back. It will feel strange at first, but eventually the body will adapt and it will become natural. It is also a good idea to invest in a chair that has both lower and upper back support. Individuals should work on their alignment while both sitting and walking in order to create a natural posture.

Exercise Daily: Exercise is important, everyone knows that, but it is not just for internal health. If someone spends 9 hours a day at work, walks to their car and then sits in an easy chair when they get home, they are not doing their back any favors. Exercise strengthens the muscles that offer support for the back and someone who walks, runs, swims or jogs daily will develop those muscles. Another beneficial daily exercise is stretching, which will keep muscles limber and bones stronger.

Improve Ergonomic Environments: The seat and desk environment has never been a friend of the spine, but there are several ways to improve the workplace. The main problem with a desk job is constant sitting throughout the day, so rather than changing the job, change the desk. Standing desks from HealthyDesks.com are excellent options because they allow you to switch between sitting and standing during the day. It may sound tiring, but it is often beneficial to move from a sitting position into a standing position throughout the day. Standing desks offer a form of exercise and stretching without ever having to leave the office.

Wear Supportive Footwear: Heels may be stylish, but they are not practical. Shoes do not just stay at the feet, they can create problems all the way up to the knees and into the spine. If someone has shoes that cause pain, but they still want to wear them, then inserts can be a huge help. It is beneficial to wear supportive shoes for the majority, if not all, of the week in order to improve posture and spinal health.

Be Aware of Sleeping Habits: Curling up and falling asleep after a long day at work may sound nice, but that is 9 more hours of slouching against the back. Positions while sleeping can effect posture greatly. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, it is good for individuals to get into the habit of sleeping on their back. This forces the back into a straight position and reduces soreness in the morning. It is also a good idea to use only one pillow in order to reduce the risk of bending the neck too far forward and to invest in a sturdy mattress that will keep the body aligned throughout the night.

Someone does not have to quit their job in order to obtain a straight spine. Practicing daily habits can be the answer, all someone needs to do is follow through.