5 Tropical Destinations That You Must Visit Once In Your Lifetime

Visiting a tropical paradise is an experience that many people enjoy for their annual vacations. Beyond the standard trips to the Bahamas or cruises in the Caribbean, there are some less known, but spectacular places you should consider enjoying at least once. Here are 5 that should not escape your future travel plans. They are all incredible, so they are in no particular order.

The Maldives is a string of over 1000 islands in the Indian Ocean. They are made of several coral atolls with less than 200 hundred inhabited islands and 89 resorts to choose from. The country is completely sea born and has an average elevation of only about 4 ft above sea level. There are ample opportunities for Scuba Diving and snorkeling the areas coral reefs. Many of the resorts are situated on individual islands and atolls, surrounded by white sand beaches and lagoons, making a vacation here a secluded respite where you are free to enjoy the natural beauty at your own pace. An abundance of beach bungalows and bungalows built over the water make each vacationers stay an individual experience.

Tahiti has been a popular vacation spot of the rich and famous for several years. These islands located literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, have an abundance of white sandy beaches and turquois blue lagoons. Whether you enjoy taking tours of the local culture, taking a shark feeding excursion, or viewing the island splendor from the air, Tahiti has an abundance of activities to peak your interest. The resorts offer luxurious accommodations with an abundance of activities to choose from.

Hawaii (The Big Island) is known for many unique features. When you are there for a tropical vacation, you will be able to experience the incomparable black sand beaches, a result of the volcano that is responsible for the island rising out of the ocean. The volcano itself is an attraction to be experienced when you visit. The Big Island is the largest in the Hawaiian island chain and is home to many different environments. There are literally activities for every taste on the island.

Fiji is the essence of a tropical South Pacific paradise. The republic of Fiji is an archipelago northeast of New Zealand with over 330 islands. The 110 inhabited islands provide a variety of resorts to meet the needs of any vacationer. Fiji offers the opportunity for individuals, couples and families of almost any income level to enjoy an exceptional holiday.

Curacao is a former Dutch Colony in the south western Caribbean. There are plenty of white sand beaches circling the island with ample hotels and resorts catering to tourists from all countries. Curacao has an abundance of history to explore as well as being known for excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities. Popular with Newly Weds, recreational activities range from ATV and horseback riding, to backpacking and bicycling. Curacao is one of the jewels of the Caribbean.

When planning a tropical vacation, keep these options on your list of possibilities. These are places that are often overlooked because of remoteness of presumed expense, but should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime. Keep an open mind and think out of the box and you can experience an unforgettable vacation.