A Look At The World’s Most Expensive Yachts

The Dutch invented the Jacht, which they historically used for chasing pirates. King Charles II became the first to sail one of these vessels while returning to England. From that time, the yacht became synonymous with luxury and wealth. The fad caught on and continues to this day. Take a look at some of the most expensive modern day yachts that sail the seven seas.

Eclipse – Valued at $1.2 billion

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich owns this 560-foot behemoth that requires six dozen employees. The ship has an aquarium and two swimming pools, one of which empties and transforms into a dance floor. An elaborately designed security system has the capability of preventing paparazzi photographs, preventing bugging devices and detecting missiles. The vessel also houses three boats, two helicopters and one submarine.

Streets of Monaco – Valued at $1.1 billion

Currently under construction, the massive vessel more closely resembles a city atop a manmade island than a yacht. The 500-foot vessel features miniaturized landmarks commonly found in the city. An on deck go kart track represents the Monaco Grand Prix. Three popular Monaco hotels complete with beachfront and waterways will also grace the massive deck. The Prince of Monaco will additionally enjoy a customized tri-level, 4,800 square foot apartment. Manned by around 70 employees, the vessel capably houses a smaller cruising boat and helicopter pad.

Dubai – Valued at $350 million

Though construction of the vessel began in 1996, the project remained incomplete until purchased by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2001. The 525-foot vessel has the Sheikh’s suite, five VIP guest suites and various guest rooms. The expansive bridge not only serves as the captain’s quarters, but also features a lounge and office space. An atrium and foyer connect all of the decks and a skylight illuminates all. Four diesel engines power the massive and luxurious vessel.

Lady Moura – Valued at $210 million

Billionaire Nasser Al-Rashid owns this 344-foot beauty that has a swimming pool with an electronic retractable roof and an immense 75-foot dining table. Unique extras on this ship include a beach resort environment that emerges from the side of the craft. Besides sand, water and a series of deck chairs, the space also has a series of palm trees. The Lady Moura additionally boasts a helicopter and landing pad.

Rising Sun – Valued at $200 million

Oracle founder Larry Ellison and media entrepreneur David Geffen remain co-owners of this 453-foot vessel that boasts five stories of opulence. Rumor has it that the owners designed and built the vessel in hopes of exceeding the grandeur of the Octopus. The yacht features a full 8,000 square feet of living space that includes onyx countertops and bathrooms complete with Jacuzzis. The vessel additionally features a fully equipped fitness center, a sauna and a movie theatre having a gigantic plasma screen.

Octopus – Valued at $200 million

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns this bit of luxury that spans a full 414-feet in length. Amenities on this vessel include two helicopters, seven boats and a 10-man submarine. For exploring the ocean floor, the ship also features a remote-controlled, automated camera.

These vessels represent some of the toys enjoyed by the rich and famous. The spectacular customized ships provide a glimpse into the lives of the wealthiest people on the planet. One can only imagine the accoutrements that each vessel contains.