Cane Bay Partners Kirk Chewning on Consumer Lending in 2015

Although 2015 is in the early stages, there have been many promising signs pointing to increased confidence in the economies of the United States and other nations. As a result, banks are more willing to do business with consumers when it comes to providing loans for houses, cars and other purchases. In some nations, such as China, consumer lending is expected to triple by 2015 due to the country’s explosive economy that has put many consumers in position to purchase new homes or vehicles.

In the United States, consumer confidence is at its highest point since 2008, with many consumers rushing to buy new homes and vehicles while banks are in a giving mood and interest rates are still low. If these trends continue, Kirk Chewning, Cane Bay Partner, is confident the end result will certainly be good for business.

Product Development

As consumer lending continues its rapid growth, businesses along with consumers will reap the benefits. With consumers having the money to purchase more and more products, businesses will find themselves being able to expand their product development. Here At Cane Bay Partners, we have the capability to focus on new product development for our clients and provide expert analysis of international markets. These comprehensive studies take into account current and future regulatory situations that could have a dramatic impact on our client’s results. By doing a thorough market and product analysis study, we can help them manage the entire process to its completion.

Portfolio Management

With increased consumer lending comes additional opportunities for investors. This in turn leads to areas such as compliance, tax planning and cash management taking on even more important roles within the world economy. Because of this, hedge funds will focus even more on investor relations, creating a need for management consulting that is familiar with all aspects of financial management. Cane Bay Partners can assist with this by providing a traditional approach to portfolio management, which can include various financial and operational reporting activities that can create excellent results for everyone.

Risk Management and Consumer Lending

As financial professionals know, with any type of lending there is a certain amount of risk involved. This is especially true of consumer lending, which if done irresponsibly can lead to large numbers of defaults that can have a significant negative impact on a nation’s economy. To decrease the chances of this happening, Cane Bay Partners can use many different types of risk management modeling and statistical analysis to answer the most complex questions associated with their business and how such factors as consumer lending will affect the overall economic picture. Here at Cane Bay, we use a combination of in-depth understanding and a desire to know our clients to help us stand out from the competition and provide our clients with the best possible answers.

With consumer lending expected to continue its steady climb, we at Cane Bay Partners are prepared to assist our clients with whatever needs may arise. Whether working to develop new sales strategies, help our clients understand compliance rules and regulations or develop tax planning strategies that will maximize profits, Cane Bay Partners will continue to stay well-informed on the latest economic trends. Just as our clients expect only the best from us, we will strive to expect nothing less than that from ourselves.