Comfortable Fashions for the Workplace

businessattireThe typical office environment may not always lend itself to casual dress, but the average worker wants to dress professionally while maintaining a certain level of comfort. Essentially, people want to look great and remain comfortable while spending long hours on their feet at work. In order to obtain a higher level of comfort while at work, certain fashion items should be considered for both their fashionable look and their comfortable feel.

Comfortable and Stylish Tops

Men’s dress shirts and women’s blouses can span a wide range of selections, especially when it comes to colors and styles. Consider textures that breathe like cotton and linen, even silk. These clothing textures tend to offer a light and comfortable feel. While linen is typically limited to earth tones and a few basic colors, both cotton and silk tend to come in a wide array of colors. In many cases, pricing may vary depending on the fabric, design and the clothing label.

Pants and Skirts for Style and Comfort

The office environment usually requires a certain type of dress attire. Both men and women must carefully select bottoms that allow them to feel comfortable while performing their daily tasks.

Women may want to vary their work outfits with a wide selection of bottoms, ranging from skirts to slacks. Again, these items should be considered in regards to texture as far as appearance and feel. For example, a denim mini skirt may feel comfortable, but it just does not offer a sense of appropriate office attire. Professional working women might consider stylish slacks, skirts and even dress jeans to complete a fashionable ensemble for the office. These items can be a variable mix of fabrics, patterns and colors to add a bit of flare to an outfit.

Men might consider slacks and dress jeans. They can vary the selection of slacks by fabric like cotton twill, wool and microfiber as well as by color or pattern like hounds tooth check or plaid. While earth tones such as khaki are acceptable office attire, men may want to steer clear of bright and loud pastel colors such as pink, and lavender for dress pants in order to maintain a professional appearance.

Fashionable Footwear with a Comfortable Feel

Comfortable shoes can make a world of the difference while at work. Men can maintain a comfortable feel with soft leather or suede uppers and a variety of soles with plenty of cushion like Oxfords. Typically, men’s dress shoes should be limited to the three basic B’s of color: brown, black and burgundy. Women can wear flats or heels, even boots. While women’s shoes tend to span a greater variety of colors and styles, wedges and stilettos do not scream professionalism and do not guarantee comfort.

Additional Items

Both men and women should consider their hosiery when it comes to work attire. For instance, compression socks provide a certain level of comfort and style while providing extra support and increasing blood circulation. Stockings and leggings are standards for many working women.

At the end of the day, comfort and style do have a place in the office environment. Both a fashionable appearance and comfortable feel can be maintained while at work. Consumers can find quality clothing and footwear for work in stores or online.