Top 8 Creative Marriage Proposals

Surprise engangment

Without a doubt, if you want to ask your loved on to marry you, you will need to come up with a solid plan. You’ve got the engagement ring and thats half the battle. Think about it, so many people use the same boring and uninteresting methods. With this in mind, here are the top eight creative proposals.

Baseball game or other sporting event: First and foremost, if you are at a sporting event, you can propose to your boyfriend or girlfriend. To do this, you may have to gauge their opinion on the subject first. If not, you are going to end up with an awkward situation on your hands.

On the beach: Now, if you are like most people, you probably love hanging out at the beach. For this reason, if you are into it, you should propose on the beach. While it may seem cliche, it’s a great way to drop to one knee.

At the first place you met: If you met at a certain bar or restaurant, you should think about proposing to your loved on there. This way, you can relive your memories and enjoy your moment together. Remember, you will need to plan this in advance.

At work: If you are able to do this, you should propose to your boyfriend or girlfriend at their work. When doing this, you can get the answer you want quickly and without hesitation. If you do this, make sure to run it by your partner’s boss as you don’t want an awkward situation when they get mad if you interrupt their work.

Facebook: Believe it or not, people are now using the Internet to propose. While this may seem weird, it’s actually a cool way to communicate. Think about it, if you want to remain hip and cool, you will want to use new ways to impress people. Luckily, with Facebook you can show off to the world.

On a hike: If you and your partner love to hike, you should propose while on one. When doing this, you can enjoy your moment together under the sun. As a bonus, you wont deal with annoying waiters or other people who ant to take pictures or interrupt your moment. At the same time, after he or she says yes, you can enjoy some wine or champagne in your favorite place.

Vacation: If you have a favorite vacation spot, you should consider proposing to your loved one there. Think about it, if you love skiing or doing other activities together, you can get the right answer that you desire. Simply put, if you want to ask for his or her hand in marriage, you will want to do it while on vacation. Then, every year, you can return to this location to enjoy time with your loving spouse.

Over dinner: Finally, if you like to cook, you should make your spouse a nice meal and ask him or her to marry you. Then, if you do this, you will probably get the right answer.

If you are looking to ask your partner for his or her hand in marriage, you should do so at one of these eight locations. If you do so, you are bound to remember your proposal for a long time. Otherwise, if you use boring methods, you are going to struggle to remember the big day.